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Used Car Checklist: What to Look For When You Start Shopping

by Admin User - Posted 2 years ago

Although brand new cars might be top of the range, they don’t always make for the wisest investment. After all, a new car’s value begins to depreciate as soon as it leaves the lot, and they can be very hard to finance with bad credit.

Choosing a used automobile can be a very cost-effective alternative. You’ll be amazed by the bargains that are available!

Remember, it’s crucial to check any used car thoroughly before you commit to buying it. You shouldn’t be put off the prospect of a used car for this reason, though.

Thanks to our handy checklist, it’s incredibly easy to ensure you’ve found the right second-hand vehicle for you.

Paperwork and History

Before you buy a used car, check the servicing and MOT history of a vehicle to understand its current condition. It can also help you predict any potential problems in the future.

You might look for a car with relatively few previous owners. This reduces the inevitable impact of wear and tear. However, a car that has been well maintained may still be worth considering, even if it has changed hands more than once.


The mileage of a used car is closely linked to its value. The fewer miles it has on the clock, the more you’ll be expected to pay for it.

It makes sense to look for a reasonable balance: as new a car as possible that still offers value for money.

You might be concerned about the risk of mileage being manipulated by dishonest sellers. Mitigate this risk by checking the mileage against the car’s history.

Ensure that the mileage is a realistic representation of the car’s history, and buy your cars from reputable vendors only.

Running Costs

When shopping for a used car, think about how it will serve you in the long term. It’s tempting to simply compare the price you’ll pay upfront, but your car will incur additional costs that need to be considered.

For example, you should request an insurance quote on any car that you’re seriously contemplating. Think about the amount of tax you’ll pay and the fuel that your car will need too.

If you’re buying a car using finance, make sure your repayment schedule is realistic and affordable.

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A Test Drive 

One of the best ways to ensure that a used car meets your needs is to test drive it. This gives you the opportunity to check all lights and electrics, which can be expensive to repair.

Make sure that the car starts smoothly, and drive for at least 10 minutes to get a comprehensive understanding of how it functions. If you can test the car on different road types and at different speeds, that’s great!

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